In the Company of Flowers
Kruger Gallery, Chicago IL


Jaclyn Mednicov, Kristian Bruce, Asli Ozdoyuran, J. Michael Ford, Sarah Crow, Leander Knust, Kayla Risko, Yani Aviles and Ana Segovia
December 1, 2016 - January 14, 2017


“I was left alone there in the company of orchids, roses and violets, which, like people waiting beside you who do not know you, preserved a silence which their individuality as living things made all the more striking, . . .” Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time, Vol II

This fall I spent, sitting by a window, reading and reviewing essays on walking — walking as methodology, walking as a way to index the infinite ways in which the world manifests — and something inthe text reminded me of this passage about orchids, roses and violets. I had been thinking for days on end about the artists I invited to participate in this exhibition, about their work. I was waiting for an inspiration to verbalize the unconscious similarities I had thought were inherent in their practices in order to justify a desire to have each and every one of them be a part of this exhibition, and so it came.

The works comprising this exhibition, in their singularity and unsuspected togetherness, present to us an accumulation ofpersonal histories; a series of imaginative incidents that were carefully composed and deliberately crafted. Through a variety ofmaterials and mediums, the participating artists translate thepermanence and impermanence of a memory, of a sentiment, of a moment of vulnerability or blooming sensuality. I welcome you to walk through a space where to index is to experience a nomadic journey across gestures—forms that focus on the possibility contained within the ephemeral and concrete. I invite the audience to find and lose themselves in a space filled with living things.

- Jeffly Gabriela Molina, Curator