Our Lovely Secret Wreck
Hume Gallery, Chicago IL


Brian T. Leahy, Margaux Crump and  J. Michael Ford
July 17- August 13, 2016


Our Lovely Secret Wreck is an exhibition in two parts. In the physical exhibition, three artists with divergent material methods consider issues of desire, attachment, and aspiration.

Brian T. Leahy, organizer and artist, contributes a hand-painted wallpaper design (Wallpainting for Hume), in addition to a hand-painted bookcase, a selection of home improvement manuals, his grandmother's orange chair, a vase including fresh and artificial flowers, a framed credit card, a collage, a painting made from wallpaper on canvas, and two acrylic on canvas paintings from the series Persimmon Pickers.

Margaux Crump brings in a major wall-mounted work entitled Preserving My Desire, in addition to small "dicklettes" made of sex-safe silicone, drawings including salt crystals and makeup pigments, and sculptures including aphrodisiac minerals.

J. Michael Ford contributes three tubular sculptures, one wall-based, one free-standing, and one leaned against Leahy's floral motif.

Finally, a major collaboration with eight writers and Kitemath, a Chicago design studio, resulted in the second aspect of the exhibition. This book—somewhere in between an artist's book and an experimental exhibition catalogue—involves texts from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and perspectives.